Shopping List App

**Update Jan 22 2023**
A few changes to the shopping list app.

  1. Users can now create unlimited number of lists for whatever reason they need. Items in this list can be added individually to your main shopping list or all items can be added.
  2. User created lists are shared among the Family Group, so all users can have access to the newly created lists.
  3. Shopping list items can now have a priority set from Low - High, with the default being Normal. The shopping list is sorted by this priority order and the item text color is changed depending on the priority. This allows users to shop for what is important first.

** Update **
Themes are now available. Only a few to start with but more to come! Access them through the user profile page (tap / click your name in the top menu) -> shopping list options at the bottom.

I built this app because I was using a simple shopping list in Home Assistant, but wanted a bit more from it. The developers were reluctant to add any new features so I decided to create my own.

I settled on the Django framework as I already knew python. Very soon I had a working app complete with backend database support that worked well. I wanted to have favourite items that could be added to new shopping lists without the need to re-type them each time. And as i've been in the situation before (as I'm sure plenty have) where I was told what to buy but didn't get it quite right I added the option for images to be added to the item.

Next I wanted to share my shopping list with others while keeping the rest of the user account private so I added the option for a family group, where many users can share a list.

But it wasn't ready for the masses just yet. It needed a parent app, a dedicated website to host it. So I started designing this site...

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